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Breed – American Bully Puppy

Sex – male

Age – 8 weeks

Registered – Yes

Health Guarantee – Included

Nutrition Manual – Include

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Pocket American Bully for Sale

Our puppies are very well-tempered and loyal pets. If you are looking for an American bully pocket for sale, this puppy will be the best choice. It is a male bully puppy. His name is Shadow. He is in the early stage of life. We are providing him training. Shadow already has learned many commands like come here or sit down. The breed of dogs are very intelligent and protective. This puppy also has all the characteristics like their breed. The breed has a long lifespan of 12-15 years. If they receive proper care and attention they can live more than this time. Let’s know all about Shadow.

American Bully Pocket for Sale | Name: Shadow Age: 8 Weeks

Our puppies are raised with ultimate care and attention. So, all of our puppies are physically and mentally healthy and fit. Features of the puppy:

  • Strong: This puppy represents his breed perfectly. He is very strong and muscular. Also this American bully pocket for sale is very energetic. He plays all day.
  • Protective: This puppy is also very protective towards strangers. But he is not aggressive. After spending sometime with any stranger, he form friendship within short time.
  • Healthy: This pocket American bully for sale is in very good health. We have provided him with all the necessary vaccinations. When you will purchase him from us, we will send you a vaccination report.
  • Entertaining: The puppy is very friendly towards children and other pets. If the children of your family don’t have a playing partner, Shadow can be the playing partner. Shadow loves to play with children and his toys.
  • Appearance: The puppy is very beautiful with his black, white and fawn coat. The head of the puppy is bigger than other breeds.

Health Care

If you own this Pocket American Bully for Sale, you will need to care for him properly. He is in the early stage of life. So, the puppy can take a little more time to cope with the new home. Proper nutrition is very important to keep him in good health. We offer him high quality dog foods. He is still not comfortable with other types of food like chicken or bread. For now you have to provide him top quality dog foods that are only formulated for puppies. We also sent you some packets of food with the puppy. Grooming and trimming are also important.

Training Needs

Without proper training the puppy can be aggressive when it will become older. So, proper training is mandatory. This American bully puppy for sale is 8 weeks old now. This is the perfect time for training him. Regular walking on the road or meeting with other pets and strangers help to develop their behavior.

Make Shadow Your Own

Be the owner of this beautiful puppy. He will make your best friend with his loyal nature. You can’t ignore his affection and beauty. The puppy is fully fit and healthy. So, you can make a purchase without any hesitation.

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  1. Maxwell

    The puppy is just Amazing. I will purchase another for my girl friend.

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