Howard | Pocket Bully for Sale

Breed – American Bully Puppy

Sex – Male

Age – 12 weeks

Registratered – Yes

Health Guarantee – Included

Nutrition Manual – Included

Microchip Yes

Comes with a Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers, leash, Toys, and Blanket.



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Add a furry companion to your life with Howard, a remarkable Pocket bully for sale near me. Howard is a symbol of companionship, unmatched loyalty, and joy wrapped in a compact and sturdy body. Perfect for individuals or families looking for a strong yet affectionate pocket bully for sale near me to their circle. His unique lock system and unparalleled comfort make him not only a pet but also a protector of your peace of mind. Also, he is a purebred with amazing features that will make anyone fall in love with him.

About The Pocket Bully for Sale

Howard is the cutest pocket American bully for sale at American Bully Farm. He boasts a compact and muscular build. Whether you’re living in a cosy city apartment or sprawling country house, he adapts to any environment. He will also give you an innovative lock system. So, no more worries about security when Howard’s around. His keen senses and intuitiveness serve as a reliable watchful guardian. The pocket American bully for sale enjoys a snuggle and finds comfort in plush surroundings that echo the warmth of a loving home. You will just love a pet by getting Howard. Because he doesn’t need much time for cleanup. Howard’s grooming session isĀ  hassle-free. That leaves you with more time for play and less time for chores.

Appearance of The Pocket Bully for Sale

Howard has a short and smooth coat in a variety of colours. The coat is very easy to maintain and perfect for cuddling. He has a stocky build with a broad chest, muscular legs, and a blocky head. His eyes are round and expressive, making it hard to resist his charm. Because of this beautiful appearance he reflects your style while making an undeniable statement.

Howard’s Personality

Howard is a friendly and affectionate dog who loves attention and is always eager to please his owner. He has a playful nature and enjoys playing with toys, especially if it involves fetching or tug-of-war. Despite being small in size, Howard has a big personality and will make a loyal and devoted companion. So, if you are a person who is searching for a pocket American bully for sale, Howard is the best choice.

Howard’s Training

As with any dog, proper training and socialisation are essential for Howard to become a well-behaved and obedient pet. He is intelligent and eager to learn, making it relatively easy to train him. With positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise, Howard can quickly pick up on commands and basic obedience skills.

Howard’s Health

Being a purebred, Howard is generally healthy with no specific health concerns. However, it is still essential to take him for regular check-ups and vaccinations to ensure he stays in top condition. As with all dogs, providing a nutritious diet and regular exercise will help keep Howard happy and healthy.

Where to Get a Pocket Bully for Sale

If you are interested in adding Howard to your family, you can find the pocket American bully for sale at American Bully Farm. We are an authentic breeder of bullies. Besides, we are known for ethical and responsible breeding practices. Moreover, we ensure that our customers are getting healthy and well-socialised dogs or puppies. Not only this puppy but also we have many healthy and playful pocket bullies for sale. We also have the same looking micro bully for sale $1500.

Why Choose Howard

A Pocket Bully like Howard offers more than just good looks; he promises a bond that supports, protects, and treasures. His easy-to-clean and comfortable nature make him the perfect addition to any home, with owners cheering not just for his beauty but for the incredible value he brings to their life. You will get his micro bully for sale $1500.

Howard is far more than a pet; he’s the missing piece to your family puzzle. His room-filling presence makes him a focal point for love, laughter, and cherished memories. Take the leap today and make Howard a part of your everlasting family adventure.

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