Olive | Female American Bully Puppy for Sale

Name – Olive

Sex – Female

Age – 12 weeks

Registered – Yes

Health Guarantee – Included

Nutrition Manual – Included

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American Pocket Bully Puppies for Sale

We have some pocket bully puppies for sale. Among them, Olive is a female American bully puppy. This puppy is very intelligent and loyal. Like all other puppies this one is also born from high-quality parent dogs. Our breeding practice is based on ethical breeding. You can be tension-free that our puppies are well-tempered and healthy. We have bred this puppy from an American Pit Bull Terrier and an American Stafford-shire Terrier. Let’s know in detail about this American bully puppy for sale.

Characteristics of This Female American Bully Puppy

  • Size: This Female American bully puppy for sale is 25 pounds in weight and 8 inches in length. This pocket-size bully can reach up to 35-70 pounds in weight and 13-16 inches in length.
  • Coat: Olive has a short coat and it is very easy to maintain. Her coat is white, black and fawn.
  • Temperament: Olive is very confident, outgoing, and friendly. She loves to stay beside her owner. Also, the puppy loves to play with children and other pets.
  • Exercise Needs: The female American bully puppy loves to go out daily for walking and playtime. She is very playful and charming.
  • Health: The health of this puppy is good. We have vaccinated her. Also, she receives daily vet checkups. Sometimes, she faces some common health issues like dysplasia and allergies. Despite these, she doesn’t have any other more significant health problems.


She loves to eat high-quality, nutritious dog foods. The American bully puppy for sale doesn’t love to eat bread or biscuits. Without her formulated foods, she loves to eat chicken. 


We have already trained her. So you don’t need to spend much time training her. As your home will be new to her, you just need to spend enough time forming a bond with her. Once you will be able to build friendship, she will understand your commands. Also, spending enough time at the new home is essential. Otherwise, long-time loneliness can cause her separation anxiety.

Buy The Puppy Now!

Olive is the best puppy in our pocket bully puppies for sale collection. We are in high demand. So, make your purchase as early as possible. With the puppy, we will send her toys, some food and her health certificate. If you are interested to learn more about Olive, you can contact us through our whats-app or send inquiry. We will reach you within a short time.

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