Jordan | Micro American Bully for Sale

Gender: Male 

Dam: Ammo

Age: 19 Weeks

Available: Available Now

Vaccinations: Up-to-Date

Microchip : Yes

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Introducing our exceptional litter of American Bully pups for sale that is a testament to quality breeding and devoted care. The pup name is Jordan. Jordan is a male bully puppy who was born and raised in a loving home environment. These puppies embody the epitome of strength, loyalty, and charm that define the American Bully breed. This pint-sized powerhouse is ready to become the newest addition to your family, bringing a perfect blend of charm, loyalty, and undeniable cuteness.

Micro American Bully for Sale | Name: Jordan Age: 19 Weeks

Jordan is a stunning representative of the Micro American Bully breed. He is a bundle of joy with a compact size, muscular build, and friendly demeanour. Despite his small stature, the micro American bully for sale possesses a big heart and an even bigger personality.

Appearance is a Miniature Perfection

Jordan boasts a sleek and shiny coat that showcases a striking combination of colours and markings, making every inch of this pup a true work of art. The colour is a combination of black, white and brown. With a well-defined, muscular physique, Jordan exudes strength and athleticism in a compact package. Expect heads to turn and hearts to melt wherever you go with this adorable companion by your side.

Gentle Giant in a Small Package

Don’t be fooled by Jordan’s size – this Micro American Bully for sale is overflowing with affection and loyalty. Known for their friendly nature and adaptability, Micro American Bullies make excellent family pets and get along famously with children and other animals. Jordan is no exception, ready to shower you with love and create lasting memories.

Health and Training with the Micro American Bully for Sale

Wellness at its Best

Jordan is raised on our own farm. At American Bully Farm, we prioritise the health and well-being of all of our pups. Regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and a proper diet have been integral to Jordan’s growth and development. Your new furry friend will come with a clean bill of health, ensuring a smooth transition into your loving home.

Intelligent and Eager to Please

All of our American Bullies for sale are intelligence and eagerness to please their owners. Jordan is just the same. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or a first-timer, Jordan is ready to learn and adapt to your lifestyle, making training an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Micro Bully Price

A micro bully price can be $2500-$7000. It depends on their size, weight and age. Our Micro bully price range is $800-$1200. Contact us for the best price and discount.

Included with Jordan:
  • Health certificate and vaccination records
  • Microchip for identification
  • Starter kit with food and essentials
  • A personalised collar and leash
  • A lifetime of unconditional love and companionship
Make Jordan Your Own

Don’t miss the opportunity to make Jordan a cherished member of your family. Act now, as this micro American bully for sale is bound to steal hearts and find a forever home quickly. Contact us to schedule a meet-and-greet and discover why Jordan is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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