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Breed – American Bully Puppy

Sex – Male

Age – 12 weeks

Registratered – Yes

Health Guarantee – Included

Nutrition Manual – Included

Comes with a Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers, leash, Toys, and Blanket.

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People who are looking for American bullies for sale near me to get a bundle of joy and steadfastness into their family. Welcome Bailey to your home. This puppy is a ready Bully dog for sale at American Bully Farm. Bailey packs loyalty and love into every inch of their sturdy build. At just 12-weeks old, Bailey has already begun to show the defining characteristics of the breed—loyalty, protection, and an unyielding companionship that makes the American Bully such an admired and sought-after pet for families and individuals alike. Let’s know about her characteristics, behaviors and other things.

Features of Bailey & About Our American Bullies for Sale

Our available American bullies for sale are very loyal and protective including Bailey. her  specialty:

  • Authenticity and Bloodline: This female puppy comes with full registration papers detailing her pristine bloodline. You can rest assured knowing Bailey is the real deal.
  • Health and Vitality: She is a fully fit and healthy puppy. Vaccinated and de-wormed, our care ensures she’s ready for all the running, playing, and tail wagging a new home will inspire.
  • A Social Butterfly: We raised her in a nurturing environment with plentiful socialization opportunities. Bailey is well-adjusted and eager to become a part of her forever family, blending seamlessly into the warmth of your home.
  • Grooming Made Easy: Because of her short size coat she doesn’t need high maintenance. Bailey will spend less time prepping for the day and more time playing, exploring, and simply being your faithful companion.

Why You Should Look for American Bullies for Sale Near Me

For the Guardians: Not only this bully dog for sale but also other dogs of this breed make the guardian of a family. This breed of dogs are renowned for their protective instincts. Bailey is just the same as this breed shows. She is able to ensure that your home is not just a house but a secure and loving fortress.

For the Nurturers:  Family is about caring for each other. Bailey is ready to be loved and to give back with endless affection.

So, you understand that Bailey will not just be your pet; she will be a future memory maker, a protector of giggles and late-night cuddles, and a source of stories waiting to unfold.

Why Should Choose Us As The Best American Bully Breeder

When looking for American Bullies for sale near me, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable American bully breeder. Due to the breed’s rising popularity, there are unfortunately some unscrupulous breeders out there who prioritise profit over the health and well-being of their dogs. We are a responsible American bully breeder and we prioritise the health,well-being and temperament of the bullies. Also, at our farm we conduct genetic testing and provide proper socialisation for all of our puppies. Our farm is transparent about any potential health issues within the breed and provides proper documentation for our available American bullies for sale.

Responsibility That Will Come With The Puppy

When looking for a bully dog for sale, it’s crucial to consider the responsibility that comes with owning this breed. Due to Bailey’s muscular build and strong prey drive, she requires proper training and socialisation from a young age. They also have specific exercise and dietary needs that should be taken into consideration. Beyond the basic needs of food, water, and shelter, Bailey will require your time, patience, and commitment. That includes regular veterinary check-ups that are crucial to monitor her health and well-being, alongside keeping up with vaccinations and preventive treatments for parasites. Emotional bonding through play, exercise, and companionship will also play a significant part in Bailey’s development. It ensures she feels loved and secure in her new home.

An American Bully XL Price

An American bully xl price can be $1500-$2000 anywhere. But thinking about our customer’s accessibility, we keep our American bully xl price $800-$1200 that is very reasonable. You will find some American bullies for sale more than $2000. Keep in mind the delivery charge will be considered according to your location.

Get The Puppy

The Bully dog, alternatively recognized as the Bully Pit or simply Bully, represents a relatively recent canine breed that has garnered increased attention and favor in recent times. However, over time they have been selectively bred for a more muscular and intimidating appearance. Despite their fierce appearance, American Bullies are known for their sweet and loving temperament, making them great family pets. So, don’t wait. Take the chance to bring Bailey in your home and secure a loyal friend for life and go beyond ownership—embrace an endless partnership full of adventures and unconditional love.

Buy Bailey today and experience the epitome of breed perfection woven with warmth and devotion.

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