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Dam: Silver

Age: 12 Weeks

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Rocky is a micro pocket bully of our American Bully Farm. He is a stunning 12-week-old micro pocket bully for sale. The Micro Pocket Bully is a distinctive variant within the American Bully breed, known for its compact size coupled with a robust and muscular build. This breed variant has gained popularity among enthusiasts who prefer a smaller, more manageable canine companion without sacrificing the distinctive Bully presence and personality.

About the Micro Pocket Bully for Sale

Compact Powerhouse

This micro pocket bully for sale has a highly impressive physical structure. He has an iconic muscular build unique to the micro pocket bullies. He shows adorable appearance in his small structure. Rocky has a good ability to fit perfectly into your home. He is very energetic and always runs around the whole house.

A Dazzling Personality To Match

From the tip of his nose to the wag of his tail, Rocky’s endearing personality shines through. He has been nurtured in a loving environment, carefully socialized to interact well with both people and other pets. The micro American bully for sale promises to be a well-behaved and affectionate, immediately making a lasting impression with his amiable disposition.

The Micro Pocket Bully for Sale are Raised with Utmost Care

Rocky is very healthy as we raised him in a pet friendly environment and regularly consult with a veterinarian about his health. He will go with you with a full set of up-to-date vaccinations and a complete health record. We trained him properly so he can cope with his new home and with other pets. Buying Rocky means welcoming a forever friend in life.

Vibrant Color and Pedigree

His vibrant coat is not only pleasing to the eye but is also a testament to the quality breeding practices adhered to in bringing Rocky to his full potential. With such striking features, the micro American bully for sale embodies the epitome of the breed’s standards, setting him apart from the rest.

Begin A New Journey

Owing Rocky the micro pocket bully for sale to your home will offer you endless affection, joy and loyal companionship. As we trained him properly, he will give a seamless transition. So, if you are looking for a micro american bully for sale, Rocky is only for you.

Make Rocky Your Own

Rocky is eagerly waiting to meet his forever family. His unique combination of size, colour, and temperament makes him a highly desirable addition, and he won’t wait long. Make Rocky a part of your story today and step into a future filled with love, laughter, and a little extra ‘bully’ charisma!

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